Tracker User Manual

Getting Started

  1. Download the app at
  2. Register for an Innway account.
  3. Connect your Innway Card. 
  4. Press the settings buttons on the bottom right of the screen next to the battery icon and rename your Innway Card "GO Tracker Card" or anything of your choice.
  5. Change your GO Tracker Card and Phone alert tone to your liking.
  6. Always keep the Innway application open in the background to work properly.


  1. Ensure that you have enabled Bluetooth on your phone.
  2. Launch the Innway app and ensure that you complete the registration process.
  3. Place the GO Tracker Card next to your phone.
  4. Press and hold the button on the GO Tracker Card for at least 5 seconds until you hear a beep and a blue light lights up.
  5. Launch the Innway app and tap on “Add a new Innway”. Select Innway Card (GO Tracker Card) and the app will automatically pair complete the pairing.

Find your GO Tracker Card

Launch the Innway app and select the GO Tracker Card you want to find. Press “Ring GO Tracker Card” to make it ring. Follow the ringing to find it.

Find your phone

Press the button on the GO Tracker Card and your phone will ring, even if it is on silent. Follow the ringing to find it.

Charging your GO Tracker Card

The GO Tracker Card comes with a charging cable. Press the charging clip and place the Card all the way in. The Card should sit snugly on the groove of the clip. A red light on the Card would start to blink to indicate that it is charging.

Depending on usage frequency, a full charge can last at least half a year. It takes a completely drained GO Tracker Card to be fully charged in 2 hours.

If you are experiencing glitches with the separation alarm

If your GO tracker card has been setting off false alarms, this may be due to the tracker cards strong separation sensitivity and/or objects that are interfering with the bluetooth signal.

If this happens, attempt the following:

1. Always keep the Innway app on your phone open in the background. Closing the app disconnects the GO Tracker Card from your phone, causing your separation alarm to go off.

2. Keep the GO Tracker Card and your phone next to each other at all times. Keep in mind that the separation sensitivity is very strong to avoid you losing your wallet in real-life circumstances. 

3. Turn on Do Not Disturb Mode during times you need to be silent (class, meetings, faith service, etc.) or if you know you are in a safe zone such as your home to prevent false alarms going off at a bad time.

4. When on the go, keep both the GO Tracker Card and your phone in your front pocket to avoid any false alarms. Keeping your GO Tracker Card in your front pocket while putting your phone in your back pocket can be enough to interfere with the bluetooth connection and set off the separation alarm.

5. If your GO Tracker Card is in your front pocket, don't cover it with your hands as this may be enough to interfere with the bluetooth connection and set off false alarms.

6. Remove any metal cards that you are carrying in your wallet as this may interfere with the bluetooth connection. If this is not an option, put the GO Tracker Card on the outer most part of your card stack while keeping the metal cards more towards the middle of the stack. This will help your GO Tracker Card's bluetooth signal be stronger as it is interfered less by the metal card.


Your device must have Bluetooth 4.2 to connect with your GO Tracker Card. To run the Innway app, iOS devices require iOS 12.0 and later, and Android devices require Android 9.0 and later.


Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy

Range: Up to 30 m (100 ft) in an open space

Accent volume: 60 dB

Battery: 100 mAh lithium ion battery

Temperature range: -15 °C to +50 °C (5 °F to 122 °F)

Operating frequency band: 2402-2480 MHz

Waterproof: IP67


This product is not a toy or edible. Mobile device casings can interfere with signal strength and decrease GO Tracker Card’s range. Large metal parts near your mobile devices and your GO Tracker Card can interfere with the Bluetooth signal.

Caution! Lithium battery inside. Risk of explosion in case of incorrect use. Please do not expose the product to a direct heat source. Please do not expose the product to any mechanical stress or impact.

Environmental Friendly Disposal

Old electrical appliances must not be disposed of together with the residual waste, but have to disposed of separately. The disposal at the communal collection point via private persons is for free. The owner of old appliances is responsible for bringing the appliances to these collecting points or to similar collection points.

With this little personal effort, you contribute to recycling valuable raw materials and the treatment of toxic substances.


1 year warranty applies.